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Photography & Videography

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High Point Drones Gives You A Better Way To Elevate Your Brand.

Real estate aerial photography is quickly gaining ground as a preferred way of capturing the beauty of homes.

The photographs are shot from a bird’s eye view, which provides an aerial view of the home’s exterior, its surroundings, and the surrounding neighborhood.

HighPoint Drones offers a stressfree option to legally provide aerial images for your website and social media promotions.

HighPoint Drones can create aerial videos and photos of your client’s home and property. To bring it to market with the wow factor.

HighPoint Drones will help you keep up with your construction projects. We can provide aerial videos and pictures for every project.

Aerial imagery is a  great complimentary service for production and creative agencies to offer their clients special events.

FAA Compliance: High Point Drones & Lime Frog Media, LLC comply with all Federal Aviation Administration regulations and procedures of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) outlined in 14 CFR Part 107.

High Point Drones Remote Pilots Are FAA Certified.

Why Us?

We offer premium quality aerial photos and video for your next project.

Our certified pilots have the skills & training required to get the job done right.

We are fully licensed & insured and are Remote Pilot certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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